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Switches and Routers

A network consisting of two computers can be set up using a network cable. A switch is needed when a network needs to have more computers attached. The network of servers and workstations is called Local Area Network (LAN). More often the information is located outside the LAN, and a network device that forwards traffic from one segment to another is needed. This device can be a router or a firewall.


Switches can be classified in several ways. Companies often use managed switches. Managed switches can host in the same device several separated networks - these network segments are called VLANs, because they are virtually separated from other LANs and yet can share the same physical appliance. These type of switches are often referred to as Layer-2 switches, because they forward traffic based on MAC-addresses instead of IP-addresses. Traffic between different VLAN networks must be routed through a firewall or a router. Some switches also support routing, and those are called layer-3 switches. Layer-3 switches can forward traffic between IP-networks. In business networks the workstations are often connected to layer-2 switches, which connect to more powerful layer-2 or layer-3 switches and firewalls.


Routers interconnect network devices and forward traffic between IP-networks. Routers use a routing table to determine the right path, based on a list of known IP-networks. The minimum requirements for a routing table is the destination IP-network and which way to get there. For example the company internet router knows the registered IP-network is behind company firewall and all the other addresses are behind the ISP network in the internet. The internet routers use routing protocols to exchange information on which way to get to the company registered network. The routers operate at layer-3 forwarding traffic from one network to another based on IP-addresses.

Helppari Oy brings security to businesses

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We have close relations with suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to have the latest know-how and support. Up-to-date know-how combined with the broad range of experience gives us the trust and will to implement security solutions for which we can be proud of.

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