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Remote access to internal network and services

Having remote access to company resources enables the employee to work irrespective of time and place. The advanced remote-access products allow the user to work even on a public internet cafe computer.


SSL VPN represents the latest in commercial remote-access technology. Up until now the remote access connections have required the installation of proprietary VPN client software. The SSL VPN connection instead can be established with any modern web-browser (including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome). All the enduser needs to know are the address of the www-page and personal login details. The need to carry a laptop on holidays for "just in case" - is history.

SSL VPN and strong user authentication

SSL VPN does not weaken the security, quite the opposite. SSL VPN supports a long range of well known strong authentication methods and a pocket full of new. Strong user authentication is considered when the following is true, 1) you know your own password ja 2) you have some token which gives a unique number to go with your password (something you know, something you have).

Example of strong user authentication - Stonesoft StoneGate MobileID

One of the strong user authentication methods that Stonesoft StoneGate SSL VPN offers is MobileID (based on one-time passwords), for which there is no need to administer thrid party tokens. The benefits from using MobileID are cost savings and the ease of administration compared to the more traditional strong authentication solutions. In the normal case the MobileID application is installed on the mobile phone (smartphone) - the device, which is more often carried around on a daily basis anyway. To login to SSL VPN www-page the MobileID application is used to create a one-time password (OTP) using the personal PIN number; the userid and the ModileID genarated one-time password (OTP) are entered to the www-login page. The use of ModileID is both easy and secure. See the login example below.

Stonesoft StoneGate MobileID, strong user authentication, one time OTP password

The picture shows the steps required to login to SSL VPN applications using StoneGate MobileID (synchronized) authentication method. User types in the PIN number to the MobileID application which computes the one-time password (OTP). User logs in using the userid and the OTP.

Stonesoft StoneGate SSL VPN supports Single Sign-On (SSO), in which the published applications can be used without additional authentications and passwords - simply using the SSL VPN password. The example picture below shows some applications that can be published on the SSL VPN page.

Stonesoft StoneGate MobileID, strong user authentication, one-time OTP password

Helppari Oy brings security to businesses

We know the concepts that make a good modern network; such as reliability, high availability and security. We have years of experience from both small, medium and large corporate networks, and we know how to plan, design and implement solutions that exceed customer expectations cost efficiently.

We have close relations with suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to have the latest know-how and support. Up-to-date know-how combined with the broad range of experience gives us the trust and will to implement security solutions for which we can be proud of.

Helppari remote access solutions

Having remote access to intranet services is easy and secure with the use of SSL VPN solutions. SSL VPN portal can be customised for every employee-group with their own set of published applications.

Helppari remote access service is set up to meet customer requirements. Ask about remote access services from Helppari Oy sales team.

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