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Intrusion Prevention

The management and operation of up-to-date and secure network requires up-to-date technical solutions. Intrusion Prevention (IPS) is based on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). The detection is when you read from the news paper on Monday morning that "something has happened". To maintain security it is important to keep incidents from happening by automatically and dynamically blocking intrusion attempts.

Helppari Oy brings security to businesses

We know the concepts that make a good modern network; such as reliability, high availability and security. We have years of experience from both small, medium and large corporate networks, and we know how to plan, design and implement solutions that exceed customer expectations cost efficiently.

We have close relations with suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to have the latest know-how and support. Up-to-date know-how combined with the broad range of experience gives us the trust and will to implement security solutions for which we can be proud of.

Helppari Intrusion Prevention solutions

Do you know the weakest link in your network? We at Helppari Oy know that most networks have something to improve. With the help of Stonesoft StoneGate™ (IPS) Intrusion Prevention system you will know that your network is secured against attacks and vulnerabilities.

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