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Firewalls and Security

The golden rule of security is "keep it simple"; enviroments that are correctly designed, clean and simple to operate - greatly decrease the possibility of errors. Network security usually builds around the firewall. Therefore it is essential that the technology streamlines day-to-day operation irrespective of the size - the key ingredients are the same in small and large environments.

Firewalls as the foundation of corporate network security

During the last decade the world has networked more that ever before. Services and information is readily available, but from a corporate perspective the threats against business have also transitioned to the network. The front-door lock or camera surveillance are no longer sufficient to protect immaterial assets, when the geographical distance bears no weight against network related crimes.

Firewalls have gained the de facto status of being the foundation of corporate network security. Most often the firewall separates corporate intranet from the public network, but more often a more explicit segragation may be needed. Corporate intranet can be segrageted based on tangible properties, workstations and servers are placed on different networks. The most common classification of segments is internet, DMZ ja intranet. The DMZ usually hosts services which require information from intranet but are accesses from internet. An example of these type of services are corporate web-pages and email proxies.

Technology and software have also evolved in the last few years...

Partner networks and VPN

Many companies rely their business on exchanging information between other companies and suppliers. However the Finnish legislation and regulations dictate that the information is secured adequatelly and thoroughly protected also over data networks; whether it being a commercial secret such as orders and quotes, bank and credit card transactions (PCI) or related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (i.e. Personal Data Act). Confidential material can be secured over public networks using encrypted VPN tunnels, that are often configured between advanced corporate firewalls (VPN lan-to-lan). The more sophisticated VPN gateways also enable fault tolerant VPN tunnels over the internet by combining for example several ADSL lines from more than one ISP.

Helppari Oy brings security to businesses

We know the concepts that make a good modern network; such as reliability, high availability and security. We have years of experience from both small, medium and large corporate networks, and we know how to plan, design and implement solutions that exceed customer expectations cost efficiently.

We have close relations with suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to have the latest know-how and support. Up-to-date know-how combined with the broad range of experience gives us the trust and will to implement security solutions for which we can be proud of.

Helppari Oy Firewall and VPN solutions

How dependent on network availability is your business? With Stonesoft StoneGate™ firewall solution your company can have a high availability network environment that includes remote offices. Your network does not need to be reliable one ISP's network connection or availability.

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