Helppari Oy product portfolio

Helppari Corporation is Finnish company specialised in network security, installation, administration and support services.

Product portfolio consists on a selection of reliable business class products, all of which are installed and maintained by network professionals. With the wide range of products each network design can meet customer security requirements, including firewall, switches, remote access and intrusion prevention. The products make possible the benefits of central administration, such as utilisation reports, prevention of down time and quick recovery.

The advanced and modern products enable fault tolerant networks, in which internet connections have been doubled or multiplied - depending on network and service availability requirements. Customer solutions are always designed to the customer specifications. Thorough planning and expertise combined with the range of advanced products ensures reliable networks and satisfied customers.

Helppari Oy services are Finnish-made

Helppari Oy, The Key Flag, Finnish-made services

Helppari Oy services are all produced in Finland. The Association for Finnish Work has granted Helppari Oy the use of The Key Flag. By selecting Finnish product or service you are making an advisable choice which will benefit both you and all of Finland.

With our product portfolio and services you're sure to succeed.

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