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Stonesoft Corporation (NASDAQ OMX: SFT1V) is an innovative provider of integrated network security solutions to secure the information flow of distributed organizations. Stonesoft customers include enterprises with growing business needs requiring advanced network security and always-on business connectivity.

The StoneGate™ secure connectivity solution unifies firewall, VPN, IPS and SSL VPN blending network security, end-to-end availability and award-winning load balancing into a unified and centrally managed system. The key benefits of StoneGate secure connectivity solution include low TCO, excellent price-performance ratio and high ROI. The virtual StoneGate solution protects the network and ensures business continuity in both virtual and physical network environments.

StoneGate Management Center provides unified management for StoneGate Firewall with VPN, IPS and SSL VPN. StoneGate Firewall and IPS work together to provide intelligent defense throughout the enterprise network while StoneGate SSL VPN provides enhanced security for mobile and remote use.

Founded in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation is a global company with corporate headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and Americas headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Helppari security services with Stonesoft StoneGate products

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Helppari pffers professional network security services for Stonesoft StoneGate products.

Our services include data network security survey, high availability firewall and network solutions, remote connectivity solutions (VPN Lan-to-Lan, VPN Client, SSL VPN), network traffic filtering (inline IPS/IDS), network device monitoring and administration.

Firewall, VPN, IPS and SSL VPN also for VMWare ESX virtual networks - data network security for physical and virtual networks.

Our experts service in network design projects and project implementations, along with network administration, monitoring and reporting services.

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