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Helppari Oy, Credit Rating AA, Soliditet

Helppari Oy Credit Rating

Helppari Oy, Credit Rating AA, Soliditet

Soliditet Finland has granted Helppari Oy AA credit rating. There are seven stages of credit ratings, and AA is the second highest. Only 13,7% of Finnish based companies belong to the two highest credit ratings, AAA credit rating and AA credit rating (Soliditet Finland, October 2011).

A company with AA credit rating has good credit worthiness and credit risk is below average. AA rating ensures Helppari Oy is financially sound and a reliable business partner.

Soliditet Finland's assessment on Helppari Oy: Acceptance to AA rating means, that Helppari Oy manages it's business above average compared to competitors, Helppari Oy has solid ability to pay, Helppari Oy is professional, trustworthy, and a safe business partner. Soliditet Finland Oy has examined over 2400 pieces of data, based on which has granted Helppari Oy AA rating and recommends Helppari Oy as a good business partner.

Soliditet© Rating

Rating corresponds to company's credit worthiness. Soliditet is the developers of the original AAA company rating. Rating is based on an automated credit rating system developed by Soliditet Finland. It is a continuously updating system, which collects information on company's operation, background, economy, payment methods; and analyses company's credit worthiness and it's ability to cope normal business operation commitments.

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Company Rating-distribution 3Q-2011



Highest credit worthiness

Minimal credit risk


Good credit worthiness

Credit risk below average


Credit worthy

Normal credit risk


New company

Credit risk above average, small lendings supported


Rating not applicable

Insufficient or conflicting data


Credit with safety measurements

Credit risk above average


Credit advised against

Credit risk considerable

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